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December 31, 2015

Sir David Fagan, one of shearing's most honoured dozen
Shearing Sports New Zealand chairman Sir David Fagan is one of people understood to have been recognised in New Zealand's New Year or Queen's Birthday Honours for services including involvement in the shearing industrry and its sports.
The first is thought to have been Godfrey Bowen (OBE 1960), who with brother Ivan Bowen developed the famed Bowen shearing technique.
Godfrey Bowen was third in the inaugural Golden Shears Open final in 1961, won by Ivan Bowen who was awarded the MNZM in 2007 for services which included development of award-winning Rotorua tourism attraction the Agrodome.
Ivan Bowen is one of seven Golden Shears champions to be recognised in the honours over the years, the others being fellow Open champions Brian 'Snow' Quinn (MBE 1981), John Fagan (MBE 1992), Sir David Fagan (MNZM 1999, ONZM 2007, KNZM 2017), and Colin King (MNZM 2000), Open woolhandling champion Mavis Mullins (MNZM 2002), and 1965 Intermediate shearing champion Hugh McCarroll (MNZM 2013).
Mrs Mullins is one of three Golden Shears presidents to have been recognised, the others being Bob Chamberlain (MBE 1965) and Laurie Keats (MNZM 2009), and other recipients have been former long-serving Golden Shears secretary Colin Gilmour-Wilson (QSO 1995), and shearing instructor Allan Reid (QSM 2010)


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